Render your text. It needs
to be rendered or it will go
fuzzy when sprite effects
are applied
Apply a bevel to your text and
then Adjust the curves to give your
text a initial metallic look
Create your text and
use a light grey fill
To add some colour to your sexy
text use Sprite effects to change
the hue and saturation to something
a little closer to your desired end result
Adjust your levels to improve
the faux reflective surface and
provide more of a tonal range
After another slight adjustment to
the ‘Levels’ and some background
colour you have a more metalic
looking bit of text.
Second Levels Setting
First Levels Setting
Curves Setting
The two separate levels settings aren’t necessarily needed
but I prefer to make the adjustments in smaller increments.
These settings will work on just about any vector shape and
isn’t limited to text effects.
Hue/Saturation Setting